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45 years of yacht equipment manufacturing

At Krupa Yachting, we stand for providing durable products of the highest quality!


Our specialty is the manufacturing of window systems and windshields for motorboats. Also, we are experienced in the production of deck hatches and sliding doors. We cooperate with many yacht shipyards and smaller boat manufacturers, although we also work for individual customers.

We make our products from bent glass, including spherical glass and acrylic glass (plexiglass) in various colors and thicknesses. We produce windshield frames from aluminum, anodized, or powder-coated profile systems.

In cooperation with ATK Tadeusz Krupa, a company specializing in acrylic glass thermoforming, we produce windshields in unique shapes.

We operate our own galvanizing plant, where we galvanize our products and offer aluminum anodizing services.

We are open to new technologies and solutions. Hence, we can establish long-term cooperation with our clients and meet their current needs.

Kazimierz Krupa

When I produced the first deck hatch in 1980 as an entrepreneur associated with a craft cooperative, I was unaware of how much it had changed my life.

Once my design had a patent and I had developed the production line, I became the only Polish manufacturer of deck hatches for many years. I supplied most of the Polish yacht shipyards and boat manufacturers. My company was developing dynamically. New products. New technologies. New customers. New challenges.

Krupa Yachting has become my passion and way of life! When I celebrated my 90th birthday and the 45th anniversary of the establishment of our company with our staff, I felt proud and very satisfied.

Janusz Krupa

Krupa Yachting was created when I was still a child. I then had the opportunity to observe, learn, and later support company operations.

Today, when the Polish yachting industry can boast of a unique position globally, and Krupa Yachting products sail on probably all seas, I am continuing my father’s work.

I am convinced that the skills developed over decades and constant care for the high quality of our products will ensure our place among Polish producers of yacht equipment for many years to come.

Krupa Yachting? Let us sail on!

Products and services

For boat manufacturers

We offer:

  • windshields, including divided and opening ones made of acrylic or spherically bent tempered glass,
  • fixed and opening windows (sliding and hinged), flat and adjusted to the shape of the hull, made of tempered glass or acrylic,
  • sliding, double, and triple doors in an aluminum profile system,
  • deck hatches and inspection hatches.

We cooperate with designers in designing and prototyping windshields and windows to precisely tailor our products for new boat models. When carrying out orders for series, we guarantee the repeatability of the shape of the windshields, ensuring their perfect fit to the deck.

Individual clients

We provide support in windshields and side window design for customers constructing or renovating their boats. We make products tailored to individual needs using a wide range of aluminum profiles and selected types of glass. We offer deck hatches of various shapes and sizes.

Aluminum anodizing

We offer soft anodization services for aluminum elements up to 3000 mm x 300 mm x 100 mm, and aluminum dyeing black.

Our work

We have worked for:
Galeon, Delphia, Ostróda Yacht, BaltYacht, Model-Art, Frydenbo Boats Production (former Mirage Boats), Sportis, Jakol Yacht, „R & S” Robert Nowak, Mazuria, Marine Time, Mazury, Stocznia Ustka, Stocznia Żuławy, Techno Marine, Gomar, Boat Project, Jankart…
and other domestic and foreign boat manufacturers.

Tempered glass
Spherically bent glass
Tempered laminated glass

Screen printing
Aluminum frames
Acrylic glass

Side windows
Deck hatches
Sliding doors


3 Rzeczna St
83-031 Cieplewo
NIP: 593-010-55-46

Open Monday to Friday:
7.00 AM–3.00 PM

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